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New ultra light drink containers outfitted with vacuum technology from thermos

Zhejiang JMJ Houseware Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 20, 2017

For over a hundred years, Thermos has stood for reliable insulation technology in drink and food containers. Today, the company’s outdoor drinking bottles are everywhere it comes down to minimal weight and optimal insulation values: in the high mountains, on demanding trails and adventurous hiking routes – or just everyday use.

The secret is the vacuum insulation technology: At the turn of the last century, German glass technician Reinhold Burger began experimenting with double wall containers – and in 1904, laid the patented foundation for a technology that now sees to healthy drinks under the open sky all over the world.

Thermos is considered the specialist among insulated bottle manufacturers, headquartered in Illinois since 1907. They supply outdoor fans with lightweight, robust, and high-performance stainless steel drinking systems, all over the globe. In addition to the practical benefits of these technical drinking bottles, it’s also primarily the aspect of sustainability that sets them apart.

That’s because a single- or multi-use plastic bottles aren’t just problematic in terms of disposal, under certain circumstances they can also pass on unpleasant flavor traces and even harmful substances into the beverages transported inside them.

Who isn’t familiar with the dubious pleasure of squeezing the last remnant of warm spritzer with a taste of plastic from the bottle on the summer MTB tour? This is where Thermos stainless steel bottles have the clear advantage: first, they’re a purchase for life, as they’re practically indestructible. They’re also absolutely food-neutral and hygienic: you can’t transport drinks any “healthier” than that.