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Zhejiang JMJ Houseware Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

A pan is an iron flat-bottomed cooking utensil used for frying food, 20 to 30 centimeters in diameter, a low pot edge and tilting outward. Now manufacturers generally use lighter aluminum as a manufacturing material. Pan is suitable as a healthy snack for baking, baking, steaming, grilling or stir-fried seafood, meat and poultry, cooking vegetables or facilitating the use of fingers. Easy to use, it takes a few minutes to cook a variety of delicacies.

Ordinary pan is generally only a transparent or opaque lid, there are currently manufacturers to introduce the principle of the application of the pressure cooker design of a new two-sided burning pan, the product with the original Frog Oxygen seal pad and a touch button magnetic lock device. Manufacturers to publicize its pan-body structure using three-layer sandblasting ceramic Non-stick bottom Layer (formerly used Teflon coating, not recommended for safety reasons, it can also radiate far-infrared rays to ensure that the cooking process is orderly; unique design to make the cooking process faster, and can completely retain the food color, fragrance, taste, while reducing the loss of nutrients, so that you enjoy more wholesome food. Can cook any food – because of the unique three-layer sandblasting ceramic non-stick outer layer, you can cook any food, including meat, even the crust of seafood such as crabs, shrimps, clams, clams and more food.

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