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Selection Tips for Casserole

Zhejiang JMJ Houseware Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

Casserole stewed food flavor, casserole does not change the original taste, so the pot is the majority of consumers favorite consumer goods. But the porcelain glaze of casserole contains a small amount of lead, it is easy to dissolve when cooking acidic food, it is harmful to health, so it is best to use the natural color of the inner wall of the casserole. The color of the inner wall of the casserole is not suitable for storing wine, vinegar and acidic beverages and food. The newly bought casserole can be boiled with 4% vinegar water, which can remove most harmful substances.

1. Look at the pottery, good sand pot selection of ceramic very fine and color is white, the quality of the surface glaze is also very high, bright uniformity, good thermal conductivity.

2. Look at the structure. Good sand pot structure is reasonable, put flat, the pot body round, smooth interior wall, no cracks, no prominent grit. Lid cover close and not variant, you can cover the lid try to turn to see, the lid if the pot with the body tightly, then the rotation should be smooth friction.

Shan look at the pot noodles. The pot surface is smooth, but does not require smooth as the mirror, the surface has the irregular superficial pattern is normal, but if the grain is too dense, then is the defective.

Shan Point. "Small bump" can be used grinding wheel grinding, "small pit pits" quality is poor, some sellers are commonly used graphite "eye" filled, not easy to detect, only with a small brush brush to make its exposure.

Shan Check the bottom of the pot. The smaller the bottom of the pot, the faster the fire, fuel, save time.

Shan check thickness. The pot has thick points, to thin as good.