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What Is Red Copper Pan

Zhejiang JMJ Houseware Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

If you ask me “What is Red Copper Pan,” I will only say that The Red Copper Pan is non-stick ceramic copper cookware. Featuring the Copper-infused design and nonstick ceramic cooking surface, Red Copper pan is one of the professional-grade cookware of outstanding quality.

High-quality Copper is used in the manufacturing of Red Copper Pan. Moreover, the ceramic layer that is used as the cooking surface doesn’t contain any toxins or harmful chemicals like PFOA or PTFE.

The base material of Red Copper pan is high-quality copper. So, it absorbs and distributes heat evenly and quickly from its source into the food. It can withstand heat up to 500’ F and holds up well a variety of cooking conditions.

The ceramic inner layer is truly nonstick. It ensures that whatever you cook, nothing will stick to this pan. This non-stick feature gives you an opportunity to make great dishes less or without using fat.

Safety gets top priority while manufacturing red copper pan. It ensures that cooking with Red Copper Pan won’t cause any harmful side effects. The ceramic layer acts as a protective layer to eliminate the risk of copper being engrave in foods.

This copper pan is attractive as well as durable. The ultra-tough copper ensures its durability. It’s also corrosion resistant.