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What's the difference between frying pan and frying pan?

Zhejiang JMJ Houseware Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

Frying pans are generally pan-frying pans used to fry food. A flat-bottomed design makes frying pans suitable for frying, or in the course of cooking, requiring less food to stir. The frying pan is more evenly heated, so the frying pan is suitable for cooking on an electromagnetic stove or when using small fires. Frying pan is the use of advanced thermal conductivity materials, rapid and uniform heating, in addition to frying food, but also suitable for baking, baking, steaming, and other cooking methods. vegetables, seafood, poultry and other food do not need a long time to cook the ingredients can be cooked in a frying pan, just a few minutes, make the dishes are both refreshing and healthy. The wok is a round bottom pot or a semicircle bottom pot, the wok of the round bottom is more suitable to stir fry food or stew vegetable, stew the dish and so on cooking way. Wok generally need to be used in flame heating cooker, which limits the use of wok to a certain extent. But the use of the wok in our life is still very wide, this is because the wok with fire stir-fry, fire concentrated and full of heat. Whether it is stir fry, stir, stew, soup ... All need to use wok cooking to fully reflect the taste of the most authentic ingredients. In the market common frying pan and wok, frying pan bottom of the pot is generally thicker, and the wok is thinner.  This difference in design makes the food in the frying pan tend to be lighter, while the cooking of the wok is thicker. In general, the frying pan and wok have their own strengths, in the use of the family should also be based on the choice of conditions. For those who have a lighter taste, a bad appetite and a preference for healthy, nutritious food, it is recommended to use the frying pan more when cooking. The wok is suitable for those who like to eat more rich dishes, like to cook a variety of ingredients.