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Aluminum Pot

Zhejiang JMJ Houseware Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

A pot that is light, durable, heat-fast, heat-evenly and not rusty.

Aluminum pot light, durable, heating fast, heat evenly, not rust. It is understood that aluminum products are mainly aluminum (soft aluminum) products and cast aluminum (hard aluminum) products two kinds of materials for aluminum and aluminum alloy. The surface color can be divided into white, light yellow and other colors. White aluminum products are divided into two kinds of casting and stamping. The surface of the cast aluminum products is treated by car and mechanical polishing, the surface is white, but the metal microstructure is loose, there is a certain casting defect. Stamping aluminum products, surface by washing white, sanding and mechanical polishing treatment, the surface of the natural oxidation film, film thickness of only 0.01-0.15 μm, thin and uneven, very easy to be mechanical abrasions or wear. and yellow aluminum products are stamping products by anodic oxidation treatment, so that the surface of a layer of light yellow artificial oxide film. Oxide film is generally thick 5-20 μm, uniform density, under the action of strong alkali, 100 seconds of its membrane does not damage. Therefore, the light yellow aluminum products best, it has beautiful, easy to remove dirt, corrosion resistance is stronger, wear-resistant characteristics. Korean people use yellow aluminum pot to cook more noodles.

In daily life, many people like to use steel ball to rub the bottom of the aluminum pot shiny, experts said that this is done although the stain on the pot, but also rubbed off the aluminum cooker surface has protective effect of the oxide film. Therefore, the use of aluminum pots, aluminum pots and other aluminum cookware, do not have to wipe out the surface of the pale yellow rust.