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Every Family Should Have A Pan.

Zhejiang JMJ Houseware Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

The original pan is generally only a transparent or opaque lid, there are currently manufacturers to introduce the principle of the application of the pressure cooker design of a new two-sided frying pan, the product with the original Frog Oxygen seal pad and a touch button magnetic lock device. Manufacturers to publicize its pan-body structure using three-layer sandblasting ceramic Non-stick bottom layer, also can radiate far infrared, ensure the cooking process is orderly; unique design to make the cooking process faster, and can completely retain the food color, fragrance, taste, while reducing the loss of nutrients, so that you enjoy more wholesome food. Can cook any food. Because of the unique three-layer sandblasting ceramic Non-stick bottom layer, you can cook any food, including meat, and even the crust of seafood food.

1, exhaust vents let excess steam out, so that the pressure inside the seal pot will not exceed the limit, while ensuring the absolute safe use of this pot.

2, due to the close of the pot, resulting in grease and steam residue gathered in the pot of the interior, when you open the pot body, these aggregates will drip on the oil drip plate, so that no stubborn stains and smells, easy to clean, and no messy!

3, both sides can be cooked, just put the fish in the pan-first let it fry in one side, and then flip to the other side to continue frying the outer layer of the fish is just right, the inner layer is more tender and juicy.