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Frying Pan Use Note:

Zhejiang JMJ Houseware Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

1, although stainless steel has strong resistance to acid and alkali, but it is not suitable for long time to place acid and alkali food.

2, do not long time empty pot burning, lest cause deformation and parts damage.

3. The handle of wok and soup pot is designed by spot welding. But not completely insulated from heat transfer. Especially in the case of a fire directly booed the handle. If the hand is too hot, it is recommended that you use a jacket to prevent burns.

4, avoid hot pot is washed by steam scald. Please wash the pot with warm and warm, and the stainless steel is more easily washed after being heated. Because the gas is not pure, long after use, the appearance of stainless steel easily by gas impurities hush yellow, we recommend that you use cleaning agents and maintenance agents regularly cleaning the pot table.

5, the lid has excellent airtight performance. At the end of the cooking, put the lid on a seam until it cools. If the lid is not open, because of its excellent airtight, the pot of air cooling may occur after the lid and pot body suction can not be opened phenomenon. Please do not use force to open, just put the pot back on the heat source carefully heating, waiting for the steam out can easily simmer.

6, do not sprinkle salt in the empty pot to avoid corrosion of stainless steel surface. Long-term use, the bottom of the pot sometimes appear leukoplakia, this food and salt for the cleaning of residual stains such as food burnt in the pot, just pour a little water and heating, with hundred clean cloth and cleaning agent can be cleaned. If serious coke paste, please water soak for 4-8 hours before cleaning.