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How To Buy A Frying Pan?

Zhejiang JMJ Houseware Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

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1, frying pan to smooth, but can not require "all slide as mirror", because of casting process, iron pot has irregular light lines, this is not Mao Bo 2, see if there are defects. The main defects are small convex and small pits two types, small convex part of the bulge is generally iron, the quality of the pot has little impact. If raised in the pot concave, can be used grinding wheel to avoid blocking spatula. Small pits are more complex, which is harmful to the quality of the bowl.

3, frying the bottom of the pot to touch the fire area commonly known as the butt. The big pot butt is not good, because the fire is slow. Fei and time-consuming.

4, the frying pan has the thickness of the points, to thin as good. Some iron pans may be thick side thin, this is caused by the model dislocation, the uneven thickness of the pot is not good. When you buy it, you can use your fingers against the concave center of the pot and hammer with hard objects. The louder the sound of the pot, the better the vibration of the handle. This method can also be used to inspect the pot for cracks. Cracks generally occur at the edge of the pot, because here the thinnest.

5, on the frying pan if the rust is not necessarily bad quality. The brightness and quality of the pot does not have much effect. Because the substance that makes the pot bright is graphite. Casting on the use of graphite as a refractory paint, the pot cast well, graphite in the objective just have to make the pot does not rust. A pot with a rust stain indicates long storage time. And the pot storage time longer the better, this is because the pot internal organization can be more stable, initial time is not easy to crack.