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What Kind Of Pot Is Good

Zhejiang JMJ Houseware Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

Iron pans are made of pig irons, and generally do not contain other chemical substances are the most safe kitchen utensils. In the cooking, cooking process, the iron pot will not be dissolved, there will be no shedding problems, even if the iron material dissolved, the human body absorption is also good.

From the material, the wok is mainly divided into fine iron and iron pot. The cast iron pot is what we often call a pig iron pot.

Raw iron pot is selected gray melting with model casting, heat transfer slow, uniform heat transfer, but the pot ring thick, rough texture, but also easy to crack; The iron pan is made of black iron sheet forging or hand hammering, with a thin pot ring, heat transfer quickly, the appearance of exquisite features. For the average family, it is better to use a cast iron pot.

The raw iron pot has a characteristic, when the fire temperature exceeds 200 Shan, the raw iron pot will pass out certain heat energy, will pass to the food the temperature control in 230 Shan, but the fine iron pot is directly passes the fire temperature to the food.

But the fine wok also has the merit, first, because is the fine iron to cast, the impurity is few, therefore, the heat transfer is more evenly, does not appear the sticky pot phenomenon easily. Second, because the material is good, the pot can be done very thin, the pot temperature can be achieved higher. Third, high grade, smooth surface, cleaners do a good job.